Saturday, May 30, 2009

Help please!

Okay so normally I would not ask for this kind of thing from all of my friends and the clients I have worked with, however this is huge!  I have been studying a lot lately and came upon this blog a couple of months ago, and it’s amazing.  This couple has a great story and they are a team that do mostly weddings and their work is insanely gorgeous.  I have some of their DVDs as well and it has totally changed the way I take pictures.  They are doing a workshop in Seattle, and I have read so much about these things.  They basically teach you everything they know.  It could really make a huge difference for my work! 

There is no way that I can afford the tuition for this workshop (it’s 1000.00 to attend…)  But every workshop they do a “running on empty” contest where people can go to the blog here and nominate someone they feel deserves to go for free!!!!!  I would just DIE … seriously. 

So this once I am asking a huge favor of you all.  If you have time, and you liked the photos I have taken for you, or you just like me :)  you can nominate me in the comment section of  The nominations close tomorrow so it would have to be soon, Thanks everyone so much for all of your support and love.  I truly am so blessed to have the best friends and family in the whole world! 


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