Sunday, April 26, 2009

I love it!


This Family was so fun! The cutie little princess there on the left (I do know her name but I try not to publish those if I can – paranoid parent that I am!) is hilarious.  She is so confident and knows what she wants – hmmm I wonder why I like that???  Her sweet brother was not loving the camera so much, he had been sick the night before and so this was probably not what he would have picked to do that morning!  All in all I thought they came out cute!




Ok so you are well aware of my obsession with this kind of shot, but does this look like the stance of a big sister in charge or what? I couldn’t resist!


We lucked out a little this time because I was able to get a few of the extras that I thought came out ok, and I felt so bad for that sweet little boy and because he didn’t feel good he wasn’t so smiley – so I thought I would add these as well.  I love the last one, we moms just know when our babies have had it and need a little extra attention!  It didn’t play out as well in color, but I love it in black and white.  PS if I was ever able to sit in a swing and hold my little guy – while I was 6 months pregnant…. I would be dancing in the streets! You look great mom!





KellyAnne said...

I really like the last one in the swing too-- very nice!

d.c.r.k. said...

I think my faves are the one on the bench with the two kiddos and the feet one. Good job!

Celeste said...

We love them! Thanks!